The landscaping biz is just beating me up.  We are now entering Fall cleanup and I've got leaves coming out my .....
I've done little to the Husky Chopper but when I have time I add a pice or two to it.  Carbs are still coming in for bikes and with the warmer weather here a lot of them are locals.  I still do good with mail-ins from across the country but there a some that drive hours just to see it done.  I put a new video on the carb cleaning page of a disassembly and cleaning I did on a PMO carb off a porch.  Hope those don't come too often. haha  Anyway.........
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  The Husqvarna chopper is taking shape.  I have a front wheel without brakes ready for it too.  I'm thinking suicide shifter with the clutch lever mounted to the handle???   I also have the bars I'm going to use set aside.  I have to modify the triple tees a good bit to make them work.  They are pretty cool - Suzuki MT50 bars I pulled off of a bike that I found buried in the dirt behind an old garage when I was out picking one day.  
  We've been soaked with rain and it has given me some time to do a few things.  I'll keep the blog updated.

  I got the rear fender mocked up and have the exhaust mocked as well.  This will have an interesting mix of parts; Honda, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha, etc.  I hope to get some pics up if it ever stops raining.  
  Jammed some Aircell Load levelers on the truck tonite.  Sweet setup.  I just didn't want to deal with pumps and lines and wiring.  These things got it back to normal ride height in less than an hour and it fit easily where the factory snubbers went.  Can't wait to get a load of loam on there and see how it goes.  Maybe I can get the leaf loader on there this week and my leaf box built.
  Got a sweet set of Porsche carbs to clean this weekend. German engineering is so cool.  Brings back memories of the days I built and raced around VW rail buggies.