There just isn't enuf time in the day.  I had to help the kid (do it myself) with a class project.  A 3D model of the bottom of the sea.  It's been a long time since I did paper mache.  I airbrushed last a couple of years ago and if you wonder why I'm posting this in a motorcycle blog it's 'cause this is a shout out to Shawn Budden.  Here's a few pics Shawn.
  The hardtail Husky is coming along.  Threw the wheels on it last nite to see how it looks.  It'll look better with street tires on it.  I think it's attitude is right on tho'.  I went thru all my gas tanks and can't find one that looks right.  The closest I found was a tank off a 75 ATC 90 three wheeler.  Anyone got any ideas give me a call.  Will start banging out the seat pan so I can tool some sweet leather for it.  I'll post a few pics.
  I've been wicked busy with life this last month.  I sold 6 bikes, bought three and worked on none of mine.  I got the dump kit installed, for the most part.  Thanks to the help of Shawn Baillio for the extra hand and the use of his skid steer and especially John Berube, welder extraordinaire, the use of his driveway and the use of his tools and expertise.  I have to say I would never want to install one again.  Neither would John.  If you don't have $3500.00 to buy the Stealth kit I guess the Pierce Arrow Dump Kit is the second best.  Wish I'd had the $3500.00.  I still have a few things to do, like relocate the pump to the rear frame so I can mount air assist bags on the the rear axle and install the remote control.  I used it for a level truck load of wet grass clippings and it dumped fine.  I also put a little over a yard of loam in it today and aside from the fact that it was almost on the bump stops it lifted and dumped perfectly, saving a lot of shoveling.  Perfect for the landscaping biz.
  The Moto Guzzi project is still in the wings but I picked up another one.  Check out the teaser pics at the end of the dump kit pics.  I'll have some more pics of both the dump kit install and the projects.