I put the 72 Husky on eBay.  Here are some pics.
  Yeah, I did it again.  I rode down to Marblehead Mass and picked up a couple of Huskys I bought sight unseen.  One was supposed to be a 68 WR 250 but turned out to be a 72 CR 250.  The other has yet to be determined but it has an ML frame so it has to be mid 70's.  Neither run.  I'll put up pics soon.  I guess Husqvarna bikes are my weakness.  The wife isn't saying much right now
If only I could clone myself.  I have done little to the cafe.  I rolled it on the lift, off the lift, on the lift, off the lift.  Did a few little things in the disassembly process.  I bought a nice low trailer to haul bikes with and I ended up redecking it, putting on new tires and wheels and a light kit.  I bought a 2006 Buell Blast from my banker.  Anyone need one?  It has 3000 miles on it and needs to be ridden.  I was surprised that it handled nice.  I thought it was wimpy in the power department but it would be a good starter bike or one for the wife.  What the monkey is up with the exhaust on these things?  Is it style or is it an expansion chamber of sorts?  Can anyone help me clone myself?  This time diddle with the gene that grows hair 'cause I want some that lasts past 30 this time.