It has been constant rain for the last couple of days.  I hate it and it is going to rain for the next two days as well.  I haven't started on the cafe yet because I had to get a few things off the honey-do list.  I laid half the back yard in sod and had planned to do the rest of it over the last couple of days.  Yeah, Right!  I also have to put in three yards decorative gravel and finish the seating area around the fire pit in the back yard, plus put in two more beds for her.  I have my mower in a million pieces on the lift right now and I feel more like a beat-up landscaper than a bike fiend.   I will add some more content one of these days.  
  I got a cool video on building a fiberglass body by Spritz by Fritz.  If you have never seen it it is worth the 30 bucks or so to get it.  This dude is my kinda gear head.  Google it. 
  The CL went down the road tonite.  Mike, the new owner, has plans on bobbing it with the help of one of his buddies.  I drove it for the last time.  I want another one or two.  We'll see what falls my way.  At least this whittles down the herd enough to get started on the cafe to, some degree.  I did get a line on a 87 K75 BMW tho!
  Well, the CB100 went down the road tonite with its new owner.  A nice guy from Biddeford Maine who loaded it in the trunk of his car took it home.  He plans on doing a few things to it and driving it just the way it is.  I say he's go the right idea.  What better but to just ride the bike you want the way you want it.  He said he had one just like it in the past and wanted another one.  He got it.
  The CL100 may be headed down the road tomorrow.  Mark from Peterborough NH is coming down to see it and has plans to bob it.  Can't wait to see that!  Maybe I will get pics from both of 
  Well, I got them both running and I drove both of them.  I took them off eBay because i had listed the CB as having 610 miles but I noticed it really had 6000.  OOPS.  I guess I am entitled to one mistake in my life.  I put them both on Craigslist instead.  I would much rather sell bikes there, I guess.  Check New Hampshire CL if you are interested.  Or call me direct at 603 913 7151.
I drove the CL a mile or so tonite.  It runs and shifts out good.  I hope it makes the reserve and the buyer gets it restored.  Here's a few pics.  I will try the CB over the few days I think.  I plan on getting all this outta here so I can get to the Moto Guzzi Cafe Project.
Got the CL running tonight.  It runs good and revs nice.  I am putting it on eBay tonight.  The Moto Guzzi project is getting closer to start.  I have to get a few bikes out of the way but I think it will be ready by the end of the month.  Definitely looks like I will be cannibalizing the Cali to do it.  Don, I will run by your house when she's done.  I'll get you to mount my tires for it too.  Thanks for selling it to me.
  I have been too busy with other work to do much on my stuff.  Carbs are rolling in as people are taking advantage of our carb cleaning service.  Bikes are coming in and going out too.  The cafe is on the back burner for a minute.  The California II developed a clicking noise in the rear drive so I stopped driving it and it is looking more and more promising that I will use it as a donor for the cafe.  I did pull the CL100S in the shop and cleaned the carb, ran a compression test and checked for spark.  It has an intermittent spark that is very weak when it does fire.  The compression is like 165 or so (working on memory).  I put pics of bit the bikes at the end of this post.  The CL has 159 miles on it and doesn't appear to have been registered in this state because it doesn't have an inspection sticker. The CB has 604 miles on it and has a sticker on it from 1979.  The bikes look rough because they have been sitting in a basement for 11 years.  I got more of the story from the second owner.  He bought them both out of a barn in upper New Hampshire and managed to get the CL to crank.  It got 2 new tires (which have since dry rotted and need to be replaced again) but it wouldn't run good enough to put on the road.  It really needed the carb cleaned.  (see the pic on the carb cleaning service page of the carburetor with all the varnish in the bowl)  I hope I can at least get it going good enough to ride a few feet before it gets sold.
  Enjoy the pics and