The Speedway is up and running.  I visited its new owner and he cleaned it up and put it back together. Dave said it runs fast and wheelies easily.  This weekend it will go to a swap meet where he hopes to sell it to some of the Speedway snowmobile guys.  I hope you make a few bucks Dave.  I have never had an item get as many hits in a week as that mini bike did on eBay.  Over 700!  You Speedway guys are fiends!  Here are the latest pics of it.
  I registered with in their forum section and got some awesome feedback on the cafe project.  Many thanks to anyone that reads this from that forum.  Please feel free to join this one and give me some advice.  I can see a much clearer picture now and have a lead on a 850 that is not too far away for reasonable money to use as a donor.  I still like the idea of using my running bike for the donor tho'.
  I also picked up a couple of cool little bikes.  One was a CL100S.  They only made them for a like 3 years.  This one has sat since 1979 and has like 159 miles on it.  It is rough tho because first it sat in a barn then in a basement.  But it has awesome compression!  I will put a few pics up soon.  I may try to get it to kick over this weekend, maybe not.
  I am in the process of adding a classifieds page to this site.  Please give me some feedback on this.  You can comment here of use the link to my email on my home page.  It will be free and I want to put in mostly vintage stuff.
  A forum is in the works too.  Please weigh in so I know what works and what does not.  Have a great weekend and, Please, ride safe!
I saw the Speedway today and I hate say I wish I kept it.  It is up and running and will go to a vintage snowmobile show in a couple of weeks where it will meet it's Speedway cousins.  The new owner got it running and is hoping to sell it there to some Speedway snowmobile owners.  I will snap a few pics of it to put up
  Here are the promised pics.  I took them on my cell and except for the partial finger in the picture they came out ok.  I have all the missing pieces (i hope).  I am hoping to maybe use the SP1000 drive train in this bike.  Anyone know if it will work?  Please email me.  I like the mustard yellow paint on the tank.  I may keep that!
I sold the 76 CB550 Four today and dragged home a 76 Moto Guzzi 850 T3.  I think it will be a better candidate for the cafe project.  Thanks to Don for selling me his long held bike.  I promised I wouldn't part it out so now I am looking for another for parts to fix this one.  It is rough but has tons of promise.  I just got back from picking it up and it's after midnight so I have to go to bed to stay out of trouble with the wifey.  I will probably post a few pics tomorrow when I unload it.  Dave, if you read this before I talk to you tomorrow I will need your expertise on this.  
Here are the promised picks.  The bike is very dirty and I have since cleaned it but have been riding it too much to take better pics.  Took the front crash bar off since this pic was taken.  I am in the process of sourcing parts to transform it into a cafe bike.  Anyone have any ideas?
The Guzzi is coming along.  I took all the saddle bags off, the crash bars/highway bars, the rack on the back with the duffle bag bolted to it.  I detailed it and rode it for about 25 miles.  It needs the carbs cleaned.  I wonder who can do that????????  I will post picks of it over the weekend.  Now I need to find a solo seat for it.  It is registered now and I am legal for a change.  
I picked up a 1983 California II Moto Guzzi today.  It has 52,000 miles on it but according to the local Moto shop here that is low miles.  It is fully dressed out with saddle bags and junk but I plan on stripping it down.  Maybe a cafe bike??????  Pics to follow tomorrow.  I got a 1976 Honda CB550 Four the other day.  It sat for a couple of years but I hope to sell it instead of fixing it.  Anyone want it?  It makes an awesome cafe>
To all who bid on the minibike:  Thanks for your bids.  I ended up selling it to a local bidder for the reserve price.  I will pass on your requests for individual pieces but I believe that he is going to restore it.  Look for pics down the road of it.  
I have the 84 510 TE completely disassembled so look for the rest of the parts on eBay soon.
RIde safe.
  Picked up what I think is a rare 1970 Speedway Scarab minibike.  Here's a bunch of random pics.  I'll post more in the next day or so for my eBay customers that are bidding on it.  Don't you love the tank?  Can anyone tell me anything about it?